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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Impossible, Frustrating 4-Step Origami Project

Welcome to the origami project, which contains complete and detailed instructions on how to build a simple origami model in 3 easy and one difficult step. I have entitled this fold "Rabbit style object on geometrical solid".

Step 1:First take a 2:1 rectangular piece off origami paper - ideally rabbit colored on one side and geometric object/rabbit's ear colored on the other.

Step 2: Fold the corner flaps of the left hand square to the centre and crease the right hand square as shown.

Step 3: Fold the right hand square into this simple base by pinching in the bottom centre crease so that it meets the top centre crease. Crease the left hand square as indicated.

Step 4: Fold all remaining bits of paper on the left hand square into a rabbit-like formation while folding simultaneously the right hand square into a geometric formation.

Did you get that? I thought you didn’t.


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